What is an insurance broker ?


An insurance broker is an independent professional specializing in the insurance field. In France, an insurance broker acts as an intermediary between individuals, businesses, or professionals and insurance companies.

The main role of an insurance broker is to assist clients in finding, subscribing to, and managing insurance contracts that suit their specific needs. Here are some important aspects of their work:

1. Needs analysis: The insurance broker starts by assessing the specific needs and risks of each client. They examine personal or professional circumstances that require insurance coverage and determine the types of risks to be covered.

2. Insurance research and proposals: Based on the needs analysis, the insurance broker researches the different offers available in the market from insurance companies. They compare options, coverages, conditions, and premiums to propose insurance contracts that are suitable for their clients’ needs and budgets.

3. Advice and support: The insurance broker guides clients throughout the insurance process. They provide informed advice on different coverages, exclusions, deductibles, etc. They also assist in understanding the terms and conditions of the insurance contract and help with claims management and potential claims.

4. Contract negotiation: Insurance brokers are authorized to negotiate with insurance companies based on their clients’ specific needs. They can obtain more favorable conditions or preferential premiums by leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the insurance market.

5. After-sales service: Insurance brokers also provide regular follow-up to their clients. They ensure that insurance contracts remain suitable for clients’ changing needs and assist with any modifications or contract renewals.

The advantage of using an insurance broker is that they offer specialized and independent expertise. They can help you find the best insurance deals, save time and money, and benefit from personalized support throughout your relationship with the insurer.

It’s important to note that insurance brokers are regulated in France and must be registered with the Organization for the Registration of Insurance Intermediaries (ORIAS). They must also adhere to professional and ethical rules to ensure quality service to their clients.”

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